Manage Thousands Of Links/Prospects Quickly, Easily And Smartly

Save 90% of time spent on communication, task assignment, stuff sync, work logging and etc.

8 Most Loved Features:
  • Browser extension to help easily manage link prospects.
  • Everyone's work activities get logged.
  • Flexible teammate work division.
  • Invite professionals from professional directory or other places to work with.
  • Link prospect and content approving (QA) before taking next action.
  • Co-workers must claim jobs first before doing them to avoid more than one person work on the same job.
  • Each content revision and people activities done to the content will be logged.
  • Intuitive interface, no hard study time.
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See how we can help in each of your link building processes:

  • You or Your Internal Team
  • Roles, Tasks, Collaboration, Activity Logs
  • Link Prospecting
  • Link Prospect QA
  • Content Writing
  • Content QA
  • Content Submitting
  • Backlink Monitor
  • In our professional directory, you can invite pros to work with you or your team in your campaign.
  • Grant co-workers roles/privileges, then they can work collaboratively. Their work activities will be logged for later check.
  • Our browser extension allows you manage link prospects in-page extreme easily.
  • Worry about the link prospects's quality? You can verify them first before having content writer write content.
  • Content writer can put their work results on Buildlinkapp for approving, revising and being copied for publication.
  • To avoid negative effect on the brand due to bad content publishing, you may want to approve each content first.
  • Login info for the target pages can be saved on Buildlinkapp. This help publish content fast.
  • A automatic backlink monitor is coming soon.

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