The Service

We know the necessity and hardness (especially come to team management, collaboration, work appraisal, data security, etc.) of link building. When you don't have much time to do website SEO (everyone needs to focus on his/her core business first), the problem go even worst. Now We develop Buildlinkapp to solve all these problems for you.

Buildlinkapp is a collaboration tool that helps your SEO link building team work together effeciently and asynchronously.
Buildlinkapp keeps all data on our highly secured server. At anywhere and anytime, you can work on your link building campaign just with a browser.

We also manages a link building professional directory from which you can find and invite pros to work in your campaigns.

The Team

We're a team that always try to find what could be helpful to practitioners in SEO industry.

We developed Buildlinkapp.com which aims at pipelining the work flow in SEO link building, saving time for all anticipators of the work flow and achieving some tasks (which is impossible in the past time with traditional methods) such as asynchronous working, work logs, data revision logs, etc..

We locate at Guangzhou, a vigorous city of China.