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Co-worker Role Division

Buildlinkapp allows many co-workers work in the same time in your campaign, and we have thoughtful co-worker role division.
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Co-worker Invitation

You can easily invite link building professionals or people you know to work with you or your team in your campaign.
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Backlink Monitoring

You can set up a backlink monitor to track if a backlink is changed (successfully established, removed, anchor text changed, etc.).
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Log Work Activities

Everybody's efforts/contributions to a link's building up will be logged for later check. This is a effective way to manage teammate and keep everything tracked.
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Intuitive Interface

You don't really need to study or join a training before you can use Buildlinkapp smoothly. The user interface is obvious and intuitive.
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All Data in One Place

All stuff can work collaboratively anywhere any place, because all data is kept in one place.
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Safe Collaborative Way

Our "claim-first-before-you-do" mechanisms avoid more than one people working on the same job. So even hundreds of co-workers are in one campaign, nobody's work will conflict with others.
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Powerful Browser Extension

After installing our browser extension, you can open an in-page control panel on a webpage. On this panel, you can perform many operations you may want to do to a link prospect without disorder.
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Strict Quality Assurance

As a campaign owner, you may want to QA the link prospect before start reaching out, and the content before submitting to the link prospect. This is a premise of scaling your team.
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Work Activities as Experience

The work activities (statistics) of all registered users on Buildlinkapp get logged and will be displayed in the work experience section in their profile page.
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Thorough Link Stages

We set up 18 link stages to indicate the progress of the link building for link propsects. At a glance, you will be aware of how is the campaign going.
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Bulk Actions and Filters

You can take bulk actions on the link prospect set you choose. Our bulk actions includes almost all operations you can do to the link prospect.
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