Feature: Safe Collaborative Way

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Safe collaborative working way

Buildlinkapp slices the work into some small units and each role of users are responsible for performing one type of mini-jobs. Before doing some types of mini-jobs, users must claim the mini-job first. By doing so, we successfully avoid several workers working on the same mini-job at the same time. For example: Writer A wants to write content for Link Prospect #1, so does Writer B. Buildlinkapp has a mechanism that requires Writer A or B needs to claim the content writing job of Link Prospect #1 first before start writing. After the headmost claiming, Link Prospect #1 is no longer available for other Writer to claim.

Below screenshots show mini-job that needs claiming:

  • Claim link prospect approving job
  • Claim outreaching job
  • Claim content writing job
  • Claim content approving job
  • Claim content submitting job
  • Claim publication verifying job

An effective collaborative working way can greatly increase the parallel co-worker number, avoid unnecessary conversation, and finally improve the efficiency and productive of the whole link building team.